Farm to Fork Fondo Training Plan

We've partnered with the Farm to Fork Fondo series and will be contributing a blog post each month. Below is our most recent entry.

The Farm to Fork Fondo –Pennsylvania Dutch 2018 is only 4 weeks away and I have the perfect training plan for you. For reference, I’m a Category 3 cyclist whose career highlights include a lot of third place trophies and a couple small checks (both in value and dimension). I’ve nabbed my fair share of KOM’s on the Internet though, so I’m more than qualified to help you whip yourself into shape in the next month.

Whether you have a lifetime’s worth of base miles in your legs or you’re just hopping on a bike for the first time, you’re in luck. This first workout requires just two things: a bike and a map. First, find your favorite coffee shop on the map. Hopefully it’s the one closest to your house. Now strap on your helmet and ride there. Treat yourself to a coffee for a job well done. Now ride home safely. Try not to drink too much coffee. The jitters make for poor cornering. Repeat once a week when you need a pick me up.

Next, find your favorite bakery that also serves coffee. For this activity, we recommend having the following on hand: a friend, your bike and a map. Ask your friend to meet you at said bakery. Bonus points if your friend wants to ride there and back with you. You may want to ride harder than normal on the way there so that you beat the crowds and can enjoy your favorite pastry. Wash it down with a cup of coffee or two. Repeat once a week, preferably on a morning when you can linger a little.

Finally, find your favorite ice cream spot. It doesn’t have to be terribly close. The goal is to be really warmed up when you arrive. Ice cream tastes better that way. I’m speaking hypothetically here. Ride moderately hard there. Order one scoop per big hill on your route. Savor your ice cream. Take a picture of it and post it on Instagram. Very slowly hop back on your bike and begin to pedal, careful to not disrupt your digestion. If you find yourself smiling, don’t try to contain it. This is a known side effect of mid-ride treat stops. It will eventually subside. Repeat on the warmest day of the week or more if necessary.


If you complete the three workouts above each week, you’ll be more than ready for the Farm to Fork Fondo – Pennsylvania Dutch. It’s worked to make me a happier and faster cyclist, and it can work for you too. See you on June 30th!


Michael Walsh