The Lobster Roll - Tim's Reflection


I found this title appropriate as I reflect on The Lobster Roll.  Not that reflection gives you 20/20 clarity, but the introspective look, at a minimum, does allow you to review the expectations you had and measure their accuracy.  Did I reach my goals?  Was it as hard as I thought?  Did I have fun?  Would I do it again?


When I look back at my fundraising goals, I couldn’t be happier with what was accomplished.  I set out with what I considered a lofty goal of raising $5,000 for The Flatwater Foundation.  I passed that in one weekend in February.  I passed my revised goal $7,000 a few weeks later and am currently sitting at a bit over $9,000.  The team a bit over $38,000.  I can’t thank all our donors enough.

From a ‘this is a big physical endeavor’ perspective, I knew I was capable.  I mean, what’s the worst that can happen?  I suffer?  I get rained on?  I go really slowly?  Not that bad in the grand scheme of things. My greater concern lied in how would the team dynamics play out, or more specifically would I be able to keep up or would I be an anchor slowing the team down.  


Cycling, like many things in life, is easy until it’s not.  And then it’s really hard.   I may not be fast, but I like to think I can make up for it with resiliency and determination, but at some point resiliency and determination aren’t enough to keep up with stronger riders. That said, the way the team worked together was a beautiful sight to behold.  Each member contributing what they could so the team could achieve our collective goal.  Amazingly, no one suffered that one 'really bad day' that could have started the self-doubt.

It's this team accomplishment that I'll never forget.  No matter how strong you are, or how resilient you feel, you are still just one person.  Although one person can certainly make a difference, that difference can be magnified when a group of people come together with a common goal.  A team.  Whether biking over 600 miles in 6 days or facing a cancer diagnosis, the people you surround yourself with make all the difference.  Whether you are the one offering help, or accepting help, never forget we are social beings and we are stronger together.

Michael Walsh