This Is Why - Chris Geschke

To my knowledge there is no Team I Dislike Cancer or Team Cancer Isn’t Half Bad, You Just Have To Get To Know It, but there is a Team I Hate Cancer.  Why is this?  Well it’s because everyone HATES cancer.  That is only the beginning of why I hate cancer. 

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I hate cancer because it affects everyone in some way. I first remember hating it when my sister developed a brain tumor at the age of 2.  I hated it when my parents were told the only chance of survival would be a massive dose of chemo and radiation that was surely too much, but they just didn’t know better.  I even hated it when Maggie came home a survivor and I still hate it now that she is 30+ years cancer free.  I hated it when I was in high school and watched a school full of young men grieve the loss of a classmate. I hated it when I lost a childhood friend who was ready to set the world on fire as a young adult.  And yes, I really hated it when I was told I had cancer in 2009.  When you hear those words, there is nothing like it in the world.  The range of emotions you go through runs the full spectrum, but the bottom line is you will hate cancer like you’ve never hated anything in your life.

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Everyone has been touched by cancer; it’s a true enemy. Cancer doesn’t play by the rules and it isn’t fair.  To beat cancer we need to work together, whether that’s raising money, supporting those who are fighting or remembering those we have lost. A united front and a common goal to end cancer starts not only with us hating cancer, but also doing something about it.  That’s why I hate cancer.

Michael Walsh