This Is Why - Craig Howles

Oh Cancer, why do I hate thee, let me count the ways…but wait, you’d like that wouldn’t you? To pull me into your doom and gloom, to give credence to your web of evil, to quiver and quake as if in Sauron‘s realm of Mordor… from over two years ago when you reared your ugly head in my prostate, through radical prostatectomy, weeks of targeted radiation, months of hormone therapy treatments, and the ongoing resultant impacts from all that, you’ve been the nastiest of adversaries, but guess what, I’m still here, kicking strong, despising everything about you…how can that be you ask, you’re the  “Big C”, the ultimate enemy from whence all shall cower, be spoken of in hushed tones, and slink off to certain defeat…you arrived with your haughty arrogance, intimidating Goliath-like presence, demanding immediate emotional servitude and resignation to your power…


But something happened along the way…an alternate path rose up…a simple path of hope, of courage, of the might of collective spirit, of engagement of the challenge, and it became about the journey, the perspectives it presents, the bonds that it forges, the passions that it stirs and the recognition that the strength to be gained through living and openly sharing the experience and what comes back from that, can indeed be a formidable antidote to you, an inspirational fuel committed to finding healing on the horizon…the battle with you will go on, it’s the nature of the beast, and that’s okay.


It is the approach that will continue to matter, for that is where true victory will be found. In respecting your potential, but never relenting to that. To moving forward and living life, not with one eye in the mirror, not with constant worry or overly consumptive dwelling, rather with reinforcement to a principle always held dear, that the honest and simple approach will yield the ripest fruit. At everyone’s core is the capacity to do this, to overcome circumstance and adversity, I firmly believe that, the classic mind-over-matter, how much you wish to fully trust and employ that concept is key. While we can and do continue to medically fight you, maybe we still can’t ultimately control those results. However, we can control attitude and approach and, it’s my belief that once you realize there will never be a white flag raised on our side of the battlefield, perhaps you will indeed fold up your tent and move on for good…

Thanks for the soapbox, Team I Hate Cancer, the lives you touch, the goodness you promote, the friendship that you offer are tremendously valuable…you help to bring the battle into the open where the power of many can help raise the hope, provide needed assistance, promote belief in the power of purpose, and reinforce the resolve to shoulder on for the countless individual battles…in closing, my personal mantra throughout the journey, “Strength, Fortitude, Dignity”. Be the David to the Goliath, fight back, and we’ll see you down the road.

Michael Walsh