This Is Why - Matt Skinner

I may not have been best friends with Todd McGovern, but three years together at boarding school creates a special bond. He is the person who taught me what it means to fight.  In 2004, shortly after getting married, he was diagnosed with cancer.  His doctors estimated that he had only six months to live.  Most would have given up in despair, but he chose to fight the cancer in his body and lived eight years after his diagnosis.  He dedicated the time he had left towards making a difference, to leave the world a better place. With the help and support of his wife Amanda, they created the non-profit Seasit.  For the following eight years, he inspired people through his words and actions, and he helped others struggling with cancer. Todd and Amanda demonstrated the contrary consequences of active recovery versus passive submission.  To this day, I tell people about Todd’s story and try to follow his example. Hopefully, his story will inspire those who are unfortunately battling cancer, to clear their minds and to find the spark to fight.

Unfortunately, Todd’s story is not the only one I know.  Too many of my friends and family have been affected by cancer.  It’s simple; I hate cancer for all the fantastic people it has taken too soon from my life.  I hate cancer for those who cannot hate cancer anymore.  I hate cancer to show those struggling that they are not alone.  I hate cancer because I’m tired of living in a world where cancer appears to be a growing into a “WHEN” not an “IF.”  I have hope that eventually with the funding of advancements in medical treatments and open discussions of proactive steps to reduce risk, the “When” will once again return to and “If” and possibly even a “NEVER.”

Michael Walsh