This Is Why - Meet the Lobster Roll Riders

You might know us as the Lobster Roll riding Team I Hate Cancer cyclists. And while yes we dress identically and at times our own neighbors mistake us for one another, we’re all unique. We have our own motivations for hating cancer. We have our own lives off the bicycle. We have families (11 kids between us), hobbies, interests, quirks and our own stories. And you’ll get to learn those over the course of the next week. Make sure you check back daily to get to know each of us a little better. Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to our riders, in alphabetical order by last name of course.


Meet Nathan

If we happen to ride into a Best Beard Contest, we’ll be extra glad we brought our ringer. Not only does Nathan own great facial hair, but he also has ridden more miles in his lifetime than most people put on their cars. A proud connoisseur of ice cream, Diet Coke and donuts, Professor Goates (as his Shippensburg University students call him) runs the Ship Cycling Team and is known for taking on daunting rides like the Leadville 100 and the Maryland Endurance Challenge. A father of three, Nathan will be joining the Lobster Roll just days after his oldest ties the knot.


Meet JB

JB is our most accomplished athlete. He also has 4 boys under the age of 8 and still finds time to read long form articles. Known for his propensity to scour online bike forums incessantly for the best deal, JB spends his working hours teaching the future of America at Lower Merion High School. He may have grown up in Tennessee but he made his mark at Haverford College where he was a 4 time National Champion and 9 time All American runner. Not surprisingly, JB is our winningest teammate but don’t tell that to his former manager at Cutco Knives where he never quite sharpened his sales skills. A man of many contradictions, JB can typically be found with a Mountain Dew Baja Blast in his hand.


Meet Brian

If you need an opinion on something, Brian is your guy. A man of strong convictions (and strong climbing legs), he’s been known to opine on coffee in the morning and wine in the evening and maybe some beers in the afternoon. Hailing from Schenectady, New York, Brian found his way to Philadelphia via Loyola College in Maryland and spends his days working as a financial advisor. A fan of strawberry ice cream (feel free to judge, we are), Brian is our most enjoyable Google search on the team. Check out page 2 or 3 of the search results to discover Loyola’s #1 Rock Climber of 2008!


Meet Tim

When Team I Hate Cancer first needed a website, Tim was our guy. As Director of Information Systems, he’s our go to for all things analytical. When he’s not determining our drag coefficients, Tim can be found in his house full of girls taking on DIY projects with his “helpers”. Our resident triathlete, Tim now lives exactly 140.6 miles from his childhood home in Kingston, Pennsylvania (Editor. 100% not true). Tim feels no pain and finishes his coffee before its cool enough for anyone else to even sip. He’s also been known to fly over the handlebars on occasion and then ride 90 more miles because why not?


Meet Mike

A typical ride with Mike starts with him announcing how terrible he feels before he proceeds to go full gas for hours. His lovely wife will gladly explain that Mike only knows one way to do things, his way, which he will remind you is the right way. A ‘Type A’ person if there ever was one, he enjoys spreadsheets, parallel lines, beer in a chilled glass and the occasional black & white milkshake. Mike got his first ever job as a 12 year old at a Jersey Shore bike shop where in two weeks he realized his skills were better suited to a desk. Determined to earn managerial status, he thus gained valuable experience (and 60 lbs) over the next 5 summers working at a Manhattan Bagel. Committed to not gaining all the weight back, Mike bikes for his sanity and that of his wife.


Meet CJ

If you need a snack, CJ’s your guy. Known to ride 45 miles only to return home with a dozen donuts in his bicycle basket, he prioritizes the journey over the destination (and the expected arrival time). With that in mind, CJ is piloting our support vehicle for the Lobster Roll and will have gear, tools, water and copious snacks on hand. An avid fisherman, historian, writer, and so much more, CJ can often be found at the Jersey Shore on the family boat, The Chuckwagon. A bait shop employee since he could see over the counter, he isn’t afraid to get dirty, whether it’s with bait or BBQ. He’s also the most likely to show up in a bow tie. If you know CJ, you know he’s pleasantly unpredictable and his unique traits just seem to make sense.


Michael Walsh