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About The Lobster Roll

On June 21st, Brian, JB, Mike, Nathan & Tim rolled out of the Philadelphia suburbs with the goal of arriving on June 26th in South Bristol, Maine, 629 miles from door to door. It started as a casual comment, “How hard could it be?” After carefully mapping the route, devising a training plan, working through logistics and the nitty-gritty, the answer was clear: really hard. But as with all Team things, we found the fun in it. Mike created spreadsheets while Brian mapped a route. Tim calculated drag coefficients and average speeds while JB pondered the caloric intake necessary for weight gain over that many miles of riding. All the while Nathan kept training outdoors through sub-zero days and snowy nights with a defiant smile. We knew we needed a name for our efforts and after many false starts, the name came to us, where else but on a bike ride.

The Lobster Roll: A Team I Hate Cancer fundraising ride from Pennsylvania to Maine.


1 Team

5 Riders

6 Days

7 Cities

600+ Miles


$50,000 Goal

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Why The Lobster Roll?

When we decided to ride to Maine to benefit Team I Hate Cancer, we went back to the beginning and asked ourselves the tough questions. What are we trying to accomplish? Are we doing what we originally set out to do? Could we do more? Why do we hate cancer so much?

In the end, we realized we could be doing so much more. We could be engaging more with our incredible cancer-hating teammates. We could be hating cancer in a bigger way. We could be challenging ourselves to push our limits. We could be sharing more stories, including our own. 

So we’re doing all of those things. Most importantly, we’re raising money. A lot of it. $50,000 for the Flatwater Foundation to provide mental health support for families coping with a cancer diagnosis. One diagnosis causes waves in all directions, and Flatwater Foundation works to bring families back to the calm serenity of “flat water” so they can focus on overcoming cancer.

To date, Team I Hate Cancer has provided access to hundreds of hours of therapy for families in need, coping with cancer. With the efforts of the Lobster Roll and the support of all donors, the team looks to help more families get the care they need and to position Team I Hate Cancer to help spread the mission of Flatwater into new markets, touching more lives.


Our Team of Riders


Michael Walsh

Michael is co-founder of Team I Hate Cancer, which he started with his brother in 2006. He works as a sales representative for Wood-Mode Custom Cabinetry and is the third-generation owner of Wall & Walsh, Inc. In addition to his love of cabinetry and his hatred of cancer, he enjoys good coffee, live music, and has a soft spot for a cappella arrangements. While he earned a varsity letter in tennis in high school, this ride will mark his highest athletic achievement. He currently resides with his wife Abbey, an oncology nurse, in Philadelphia, PA.


After chasing Mike around at the Wayne, PA Tuesday night throwdown and with an introduction from Brian Howles, JB joined Team I Hate Cancer several years ago. He teaches English at Lower Merion High School and still helps coach XC at Haverford College where, in a former life, he was once a student-athlete. He spends most of his spare time trying to help his wife Liz (an adjunct professor at Villanova University) manage a house filled with four boys and a dog in Havertown, PA. This ride will remind him of RAGBRAI but with more hills, less corn and (probably) less camping.


Nathan Goates makes a living as a professor of management at Shippensburg University. However, he makes his life playing with his family and by riding and racing bikes, which he has been doing pretty much nonstop since his older brother gave him his first two-wheeler at eight (37 years ago, for those counting). Nathan lives in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania with his wife, Valerie, and the younger two of his three children, both of whom owe their lives to professional cancer-haters. 


After spending much of his youth playing team sports, Tim turned to endurance sports in his late 20s and has completed more than 100 events ranging from 5K runs to Ironmans. More importantly, in 2006, the lifestyle introduced him to wife-to-be Laura (the best endurance athlete in the family) with whom he has three young girls: Cadence, Scarlett, and Melanie. Tim works for Health Advocate as a Director of Information Systems, but his coworkers just know Tim as the guy who occasionally bike commutes in the dead of winter. When the idea of the Lobster Roll came together, it was too good for Tim to pass up. Tim will be riding in honor of his late Mom, Chiiko, who lost her life to gastric cancer in 2010. A lifetime resident of Pennsylvania, Tim lives with his family in Ardmore, PA.


Brian's passions in life include spending time with his wife, Johanna and young son, Jamie, bikes, delicious coffee, even more delicious wine, UNC basketball, bikes again and arguing with Mike about pretty much everything. Brian used to be a competitive rock climber, but switched to cycling when he got too huge. Due to the whole "having a kid thing," Brian isn't in the greatest shape, so his plan is to throw a tow-rope around Mike's bike and get pulled all the way to Maine (he hasn't necessarily informed Mike about this plan yet). When he isn't doing any of the aforementioned activities, Brian is most likely working to support said activities, or naming objects (mostly SEPTA buses and large trucks) that his 16 month-old son is constantly pointing out. Also, Brian really hates cancer.



100% of the proceeds from this event benefits The Flatwater Foundation, providing mental health support for families coping with a cancer diagnosis.


Teammate: $0-$999

Teammates recognize the impact cancer has on the community and have decided to help make an immediate difference to help those in need.

FACT: Did you know $280 provides (1)month of traditional talk therapy (4 sessions)?


Cancer Crusher: $1,000-$2,499

The effects of cancer are far reaching. you've stepped up to mitigate the impact, contributing enough to cover the average care for someone NEWLY diagnosed.

FACT: Did you know $1,300 covers the average program participant’s full care?

Donations of $1,000 or greater receive annual recognition as Cancer Crusher on


Hater Circle: $2,500+

You're the cream of
the cancer-hating crop. You obviously understand what it means to hate cancer and step up to the plate in a MEANINGFUL way!

Donations of $2500 or greater receive ongoing recognition as Hater's Circle Member on behalf of an individual, couple or family name on


Thank you to our Dedicated Sponsors