It all started when…

the Walsh Bros signed up for their first Livestrong Challenge charity ride in 2006. 

Brothers CJ & Michael Walsh started the team having lost their grandfather and a college friend to cancer. Determined to do more, but unsure of how, they signed up for a cancer charity bike ride, inspired by a deep hatred of cancer and a dedication to celebrating life. In that first year, at the Philadelphia Livestrong Challenge, the team raised $2,965 and hasn’t looked back. 

Since its inception, Team I Hate Cancer has grown from a team of two to an international group of like-minded cancer-haters dedicated to bettering the cancer community while having the most fun in the process. We have partnered with terrific organizations like Movember, Livestrong, & the Flatwater Foundation that support cancer patients and their families with an emphasis on patient-centered care, mental health, prevention, and survivorship. Our focus is on the human side of the disease. How it can wreak havoc, not only on the human body, but on the mind and also on family and friends. 

Team I Hate Cancer has now raised over $400,000 for our partners. Our cycling and running teams rock our bold Team I Hate Cancer kits on the roads and trails all year long. As a way to further spread our message, we began printing t-shirts for our supporters in 2010 and thousands of them now rest on the shoulders of our teammates globally. 

Thank you to our donors, sponsors, and partners for their continued support. Each week, another generous friend comes forward with a new offer to help us support families facing a cancer diagnosis and, each week, we are humbled by it. Team I Hate Cancer truly is a team.
On behalf of cancer survivors everywhere, thank you for hating cancer with us.

Team I Hate Cancer is part of the Grab My Wheel 501(c)(3) family of charities.